Employee benefits

Committed employees who work closely with customers, partners and each other towards common, clear results are critical to both the success of operations and the company’s ability to attract employees. 

Continuous skills development

Fabege aims to develop and retain talented employees. The employees should be able to develop and grow professionally through new or diversified work areas and job assignments. By working in project groups, opportunities are created for both the transfer of knowledge and development.

Individual career development plans form the basis of every employee’s professional development. At performance evaluations, the manager and the employees concerned establish targets for the employee’s development and follow up on earlier plans. The starting points for setting the targets are the goals for the particular operation and the employee’s role in achieving them.

In order to attain the established objectives, the employees may, for example, have to participate in suitable training programmes, seminars and networks according to the agreement with their immediate manager. If there is a need for joint skills development, training programmes are also arranged for work groups in specific subjects.

Internal recruitment is a way of enhancing skills and developing employees and the organisation. Fabege’s employees have considerable opportunities to move between various functions, thus also contributing to a transfer of knowledge.

Profit-sharing system

To increase the employees’ involvement in Fabege’s operations and emphasise their importance to the company’s earnings, there is a profit-sharing scheme. Allocations are made in the form of Fabege shares based on the company’s profitability and return on equity.

Shares are tied up for five years after being allotted. For 2013, provision has been made with about SEK 6.6m, equivalent to 100 percent of a base amount per employee, including payroll taxes.