Employee benefits

Fabege’s employee offering is formulated on the basis of what will attract the employees of today and the future.

Committed employees who work closely with customers, partners and each other towards common, clear results are critical to both the success of operations and the company’s ability to attract employees. Fabege manifests this in its core values, in accordance with ethical, social and enviromental guidelines. This defines even Fabeges corporate culture.

Competence development

It is our employees’ work results and their interests that determine how they develop and move forward in their careers. We strive to create a work environment that stimulates competence development and exchange of information throughout the organization.

At Fabege, employees do not have to change their workplaces to develop or change the direction of their career paths. Internal recruitment is a natural part of our corporate culture. It is normal for employees to work with several different assignments during their careers, and to serve in several different locations within the organization. It is not uncommon that some of the vacant senior-level positions that arise are filled through internal recruiting.

The professional development of all employees is based on individual development plans. In accordance with the objectives of the business activities, the supervisors and employees work jointly to establish personal goals for each employee’s development. The success of each employee’s individual plan is contingent on the assumption of personal responsibility for his/her development. We expect each employee to show a desire, initiative and willingness to assume responsibility for his/her own further development and, in turn, to contribute to the business progress of Fabege’s operations.

Equal opportunities and work-life balance

Equal opportunities is a key parameter in new recruitment and appointments to executive positions. To offer a good balance between work and free time, is an important part of Fabege’s ambition to be an attractive employer. Fabege encourages both women and men to go on parental leave.

Active dialog and well-being

To create an attractive and inspiring workplace, Fabege encourages employees to engage in active and open dialogue. Leadership is crucial in defining how well Fabege manages to create this corporate culture.

Fabege regularly conducts an extensive survey to gauge how employees view the company. The survey uses a method that measures how the prevailing working conditions affect employees in terms of a performance.

Fabege also has an innovation group with representatives from the various parts of the business who meet regularly to raise new ideas, questions and discuss future solutions.

Health, fitness and balance

Since 2012, Fabege has worked with target-oriented health and fitness programmes, and encourages staff to exercise and stay fit.

Fabege has a group health insurance policy, which ensures that all employees gain prompt access to professional care in case of illness. Offering a sound balance between work and leisure is a key aspect in Fabege’s aim of being an attractive employer.

Increased participation through profit-sharing system

Fabege runs a profit-sharing scheme as part of efforts to increase the employees’ involvement in the business and underscore their significance to the company’s earnings.

Allocations are made in the form of Fabege shares based on the company’s profitability and return on equity. Shares are tied up for five years after allocation.