Relationships with students

We continuously offer trainee positions, summer jobs and opportunities to do degree projects to students who want to gain an insight into the property sector. 

Trainee position – property engineering

Each term, we offer three trainee positions to students who are studying some form of tertiary property engineering programme. Submit your CV and personal letter not later than 15 September for trainee positions during the autumn term and not later than 31 January for trainee positions in the spring term.

As a trainee, you will accompany one of our engineers in his/her daily work. You will obtain insight into what the profession entails and also the opportunity to perform certain work assignments individually – naturally under supervision. The position includes working with the systems used in the properties, managing fault reports and communicating with our customers in the properties.

Trainee position – rest of the organisation

We occasionally offer trainee positions in our other areas, such as accounting, purchasing or property management. To be eligible for a trainee position in our property management organisation, you must be studying at a college or university.

Summer job

During the summer, we offer several summer jobs in our operations organisation, and occasional summer jobs in property management and other parts of the organisation. The final date of application for summer jobs is the last day of March every year. Welcome with your application.  

Degree projects

We willingly cooperate with students doing a degree project. Submit your application, with a proposed topic, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.