Insider Listing

The Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen) holds a public register on people reported as insiders in companies listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm. Below you can find a list of  current insiders in Fabege AB reported by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

For more information, visit FSA's webpage.

Insider Position Insider from
Dan Agius Controller 9 April 2008
Åsa Bergström Vice president 4 November 2008
Åsa Bergström CFO 1 December 2007
Anders Borggren Director of Technical Operations 1 January 2014
Eva Eriksson Member of the Board 10 May 2011
Christian Hermelin President and CEO 1 January 2007
Christian Hermelin Member of the Board 27 March 2007
Klas Holmgren Director of Projects and development 25 January 2010
Märtha Josefsson Member of the Board 9 May 2005
Charlotta Liljefors Rosell Director of Property Management 22 April 2014
Åsa Lind Finance manager 1 February 2003
Pär Nuder Member of the Board 29 April 2010
Elisabet Olin Director of Communications 21 March 2013
Erik Paulsson Member of the Board 1 January 2007
Erik Paulsson Large shareholder 10 September 2014
Svante Paulsson Member of the Board 27 March 2007
Mats Qviberg Member of the Board 14 June 2001
Else Schlasberg Other position 10 October 2013
Klaus Hansen Vikström Director of Business Development 9 April 2008
Klaus Hansen Vikström Vice president 23 May 2014
Kent Åkerlund Audit 21 March 2013