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Fabege at Almedalen 2022

Foresight, discussion and debate are key to turning visions into reality. That’s why we’re delighted to be back at Almedalen, together with our friends at SHH, to discuss the future of offices and housing, and the development of Flemingsberg as one of Sweden’s largest urban development projects.

Would you like to arrange a meeting or invite us to a seminar or talk? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to benefiting from many valuable meetings and talks and hope to see you there!

Fabege's seminar about Flemingsberg

On July 5, we held a seminar about the vision for the urban development project in Flemingsberg - where knowledge and creativity meet. Below you can read more and watch the film from the seminar.

One of Sweden’s largest urban development projects is now under way! Its goal is to accommodate 50,000 workers, 50,000 residents and 50,000 daily visitors, transforming Flemingsberg from a regional hub into an international star.

New opportunities and advantages will be brought to a place that already offers so much, as the new urban centre and Stockholm South Business District emerge.

What impact will the investments in Flemingsberg have? What is the vision, and what are the opportunities and challenges? 

We wish you a warm welcome to our discussion, which will cover these issues.


  • Stefan Dahlbo, CEO, Fabege
  • Johan Zachrisson, Business Development Manager, Fabege
  • Pernilla Boström, Head of Operations, Flemingsberg Science
  • Camilla Broo, Director, Huddinge Municipality
  • Linda Lövkvist, Project Manager, Huddinge Municipality
  • Nisha Besara, Moderator

Film from the seminar:

Meet us at Almedalen

Stefan Dahlbo
President and CEO
+46 8-555 148 10
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Charlotta Liljefors Rosell
Director of Property Management
+46 8-555 148 05
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Charlotte Liliegren
Busines Development
+46 8-556 747 38
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Fred Grönwall
Director of Technical Operations
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Johan Zachrisson
Director of Business Development
+46 76-720 34 19
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Klas Holmgren
Director of Projects and Development
+46 8-555 148 26
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Ali Ranji

+46 70-838 32 03
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Anna-Lena Carlstedt
Business Development
+46 8-555 148 55
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Christina Ericson
Marketing Strategist
+46 8-556 747 24
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Hanna af Sandeberg
Business Development
+46 8-555 148 98
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Henrik Bauer
Director of Transactions
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Maria Jansson
Project Manager
+46 8-555 148 96
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Maria Majtorp
Propery Development
+46 8-556 747 04
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Mia Häggström
Head of Sustainability
+46 8-555 148 54
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Monika Mundt-Petersen
City and property developer
+46 8-556 747 36
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Stefan Windefalk
Head of Reproduction
+46 8-555 148 58
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Therese Friedman
Market Area Manager Flemingsberg
+46 8-556 747 58
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About SHH

SHH have been part of Fabege since autumn 2021 and are a nationwide company that develops affordable and functional properties.

Business activities cover the entire chain from the purchase of land for residential and public-sector properties to their sale, as well as the long-term management of public-sector properties. 

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