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A home built for Three!

A home built for Three

The Pelaren district that is home to Three’s new offices really stands out on the city’s skyline and fully reflects the tenants’ brands.

Some 50,000 car commuters and even more bus passengers pass Söderstaden every day. Three’s new offices enjoy a unique 360-degree view that draws your attention looking out and in.

“We spent a long time looking for both the location and offices that would suit us, but eventually decided to build our own new office building. In Fabege we found a partner that has helped us realise our dream office. It’s a real luxury to be able to construct a building that is a perfect fit for our business and that supports our culture and values.”
Johan Johnsson – CEO of Three Sweden


The site that the building now stands on used to be a gravel square. It was unclear where the Globen area started and where it finished. The property now marks where the area starts and finishes and the building has also created a quiet local street on Pastellvägen and separates off Nynäsvägen for residents. This has made the area safer and more pleasant to spend time in.

The tower block to the north, with floor to ceiling windows on the top floor, has become a new landmark in Stockholm’s Söder district. It’s a clear feature for the area, as well as for Three, which is based in these premises. And because Three has located its 24-hour business there, the tower block shines like a beacon towards central Stockholm.

A building designed to support the customer’s business

Together with Three we have designed an office that completely supports their business, values and culture with premises that have flexible spaces and significant freedom of choice for each employee to arrange their day in a way that suits them best. It has been a mainstay of the project that the building should support transparency, flexibility and cooperation.

A red staircase leads from the 14th floor right down to the ground floor like a common thread through the entire office landscape, finally leading out into the heart of the building, the tiered seating/stairs in the atrium. Three wanted people to be able to feel the energy throughout the building and know when something was happening down in the atrium. It was important to create an open and attractive ground floor that encouraged participation.

An impressive facade

The building consists of three atriums that divide it into several sections. To ensure the building feels cohesive, the architects focused on making sure the light apertures fit with the rest of the facade. The facade was chosen to create a simple, clear and consistent expression for the entire building, despite it being divided into an upper and lower section. The tower block, consisting of 12 floors above ground, is attractively linked with the lower part. The facade is impressive, so it gets noticed even if you’re passing the building in a car on Nynäsvägen.

An energy-efficient building

The building is one of Fabege’s most energy-efficient properties. It boasts a 2,645 square metre stonecrop roof and is made of environmentally sustainable materials. The parking area has 62 charging stations for electric cars, but it is designed to have charging stations for all parking spaces.

The Pelaren building with its striking tower that really attracts the eye.

Armchairs, with a view of Globen.

The staircase weaves a common thread through Three’s headquarters.

A home built for Three

At the end of September 2018 it was finally time for telecom giant Three to move into its newly constructed offices in the Globen district. Despite being a neighbour to the Ericsson Globe and Tele2 Arenas, the new 3-huset, with its 14-storey tower block, has added another landmark to the area.

  • approx. 21,000 sqm
  • Entrétorget 5, Globen
  • BREEAM_SE, Very Good
  • September 2018
  • Sold to Folksam 2019