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Green electricity contract

Environmental responsibility also extends to environment-friendly electricity. Environmentally certified hydroelectric power from Vattenfall’s Nordic plants accounts for all electricity supplied to Fabege’s properties.

Green electricity contracts for Fabege’s tenants

Fabege tenants with their own electricity subscriptions can sign a contract for green electricity with Fabege’s electricity supplier, Vattenfall.

The electricity contract includes:

  • 100% hydroelectric power at no extra cost
  • Personal assistance to help reduce your electricity bills
  • Kilowatt discounts
  • No annual fee for the first 12 months

Choose one of three types of electricity contracts

Fixed-price electricity – cost control

With a fixed-price contract, you can fix the company’s electricity price for 6 months, or 1, 2 or 3 years. A fixed price is not affected by market fluctuations. Your company will thus be protected from electricity-price rises during the contract period. Vattenfall will send you advice and market information well in advance of when your contract expires.

Variable-price electricity – tracks the electricity exchange

With a variable-price electricity contract, you can take advantage of the market situation when the electricity price is low, but you will also be taking a higher risk since the price of electricity tracks the electricity exchange. You will receive regular information and recommendations from Vattenfall. You can choose to change to a fixed electricity price at the end of every month.

Price-hedged BörsEl – evens out the price variations

With Price-hedged BörsEl, you allow Vattenfall’s experts to hedge the company’s electricity requirements. Subsequently, you avoid the risk of fixing the price at the wrong time. Your price remains the same for the entire year – at the average price for our purchases. Since purchases are made over a longer period of time, price variations are evened out.

How can you take advantage of the offer?

To take advantage of the favourable offer from Vattenfall, contact Åke or Maria at +46 (0)20-54 00 00 or e-mail They’ll be pleased to help you choose a contract that suits your particular operation. Remember to inform them that you are a Fabege tenant to enable you to utilise the offer.

Published 29 October 2018

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