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Annual and Sustainability Report 2020

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Message from the CEO

Fabege’s goal is at all times to be an effective partner; to be able to respond and develop alongside our customers. This goal has never been more important than it is today.

Stefan Dahlbo, CEO
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KPIs 2020

EPRA NRV SEK 155 2019: SEK 145
Return on equity 7.8% 2019: 16%
Equity/assets ratio 52% 2019: 52%
Loan-to-value ratio 35% 2019: 36%
Surplus ratio 75% 2019: 75%
Green financing 100% 2019: 84%

Highlights of the year

2020 has been an unusual year in more ways than one, with dramatic events, major ups and downs and plenty of surprises. The pandemic has left its mark on the year at all levels of society. We have focused on maintaining close contact with our customers and supporting our employees. Despite it being an unusual year, we’re pleased that we’ve been able to share exciting updates about our projects – both ongoing and forthcoming – and achievements relating to our ambitious sustainability work.


Fabege intends to play its part in helping achieve the emissions targets set out in the Paris Agreement by establishing clear targets and carefully considering our priorities. We are working actively with our properties on everything from digitalisation and health, to certification and materials. Our goal is for our property management to be carbon neutral by the year 2030. Sustainability is a natural aspect of all our projects, and in 2020 we were named a global leader within sustainability for the office sector among listed property companies around the world. The fact that we are a major property owner in Stockholm means we are able to, and we do take significant responsibility for entire areas and contribute towards making Stockholm a more climate-friendly city.

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You can download and print out sections of our Annual Report here. Click on the section(s) you are interested in and select ‘Download’. Please only print out the sections you need, to save paper. Thank you for sharing our concern for the environment.

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