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Our projects

Cost-efficient construction and customised solutions

A wine hotel, an industrial building with an added timber frame or Sweden’s biggest (and most attractive) office. Regardless of the challenge, we make sure we build a product that customers are proud of. A work environment where their visions come to life and employees are proud and feel at home.

Over the years we at Fabege have built offices for many of Sweden’s biggest companies, a national football arena, the majority of hotels and we’re now in the process of building the world’s most modern motion capture studio and Sweden’s first zero-energy hotel. With each project we gain a little more experience. This may concern choosing the most environmentally intelligent material, finding the most cost-efficient solutions or being inventive when we meet new customers with lofty visions. Nothing sparks our enthusiasm more than new challenges and opportunities.

Today’s technology is developing rapidly, and it’s exciting to play a part in and influence this development. All our buildings have naturally been environmentally certified for some time, but we’re now spurred on by seeing how new technology is changing the playing field in the area of sustainability. Geothermal energy storage, solar cells, more efficient control engineering and intelligent lifts, along with adapting the functionality of buildings to real human needs rather than basing them on an estimated number of people in the building – these are some of the things we work with every day. That’s why it’s no coincidence that we are the ones building the first zero-energy hotel after building Vattenfall’s new offices almost ten years ago, which set a whole new standard for others.

Previously, customers ordered a new office but were not included in the journey towards its realisation. Today, the customer is active throughout the process, has read up on things and often has a clear idea of how they want to build their brand and become an attractive employer. This makes our job so much more enjoyable. Working side by side and turning their vision of a new office or hotel into reality is our passion.

So if you’re looking to locate your next office in Stockholm, do get in touch! We already have the development rights, lofty ambitions and curiosity. That means we can get started at a lightning pace!

Klas Holmgren
Director of Projects and Development

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Director of Projects and Development
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