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Haga Norra

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Early illustration

Now we begin the next phase!

A new vibrant district is created

Through a mix of housing, modern offices, retail and a new showroom for Bilia, Haga Norra will become another vibrant, expansive and sustainable district.

In the heart of Haga Norra - which is currently being transformed into a new vibrant district - Bilia has moved into its new office and Europe's most modern car showroom. It is the first building to be completed in the area and was inaugurated in February 2021. Read more about the project here >>

In the autumn of 2021, it is time for the first move into the apartments. We are now starting work on the next stage of Haga Norra!


Early illustration


A clearly sculptural and cohesive form has been a guide in the work with the construction of the facades. The outer facades are made up of elements with cast-in brick, where the element joints are adapted to the rhythm and joint of the brick to give the facade a smooth surface. An additional condition for the block is the high basement floor where Bilia's new full-service facility is housed. The homes rest on this plinth and the ambition is for them to collaborate with each other.

The facades open onto the square and Kolonnvägen

To create their own identity and a cohesive design, the same material and colour is used on the facades around the entire building. The symbiosis between the apartments and the base section consists of clear vertical links where the stairwells and facade portions of the two storey-high shop windows meet ground level.

The residential entrances are accentuated by cornices in natural stone, with the actual entrance section staggered, forming a natural canopy. The facades open up towards the square and Kolonnvägen in large contiguous fields, with the inner facade emerging from behind at access balconies and regular balconies. One of the large glazed openings also lets in daylight and provides views into and out of the courtyard. The glass and its bearing profile adds an interesting artistic feature to the large facade overlooking the square.

Bright facade towards courtyard to reflect daylight

Access balconies and regular balconies in the outer facades of the neighbourhood are recessed, and fronts are glazed to provide protection against weather and noise. Bright balcony fronts made of patterned glass or perforated steel contrast against the inner facade’s warmer tones and materials. The courtyard facades are brightly plastered in a single shade to reflect daylight into the courtyard and form a background to the large windows and door sections leading to the apartments.

The courtyard offers the opportunity to grow plants in a greenhouse next to the large facade opening towards the square. The floor of the courtyard consists of footpaths made of concrete block and natural stone at the entrances, along with grassed areas, low trees, perennial bushes and wooden-clad deck areas.

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Haga Norra

A new, attractive district in a fantastic location.

In a fantastic location, 7 minutes from the city centre and just a short walk away from Arenastaden, a new, vibrant district will soon be emerging.

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Early illustration

Residential properties in Haga¬†Norra

BRABO will be driving housing development in Haga Norra. For more information on these properties, visit BRABOs website.

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