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Nationalarenan 3

BREEAM very good
Early illustration

Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel!

We’re building Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel in Arenastaden. The hotel will be part of Nordic Choice Hotel’s Comfort Hotel chain, with 336 rooms, 88 long-stay apartments and Nordic Choice Hotel’s Swedish headquarters.

  • 22,400 sqm BTA
  • Evenemangsgatan 42, Solna
  • BREEAM Very Good
  • Q1 2021
  • Solna station, Ulriksdal
  • Line 502, 505
Early illustration

An extraordinary building

Some 24 geothermal energy boreholes along with a total of almost 2,500 sqm of solar panels on the roof and the facade will produce more energy than the property will consume.


The 11-storey building has been designed by White Arkitekter. A visit to the hotel will provide inspiration for sustainable living, whether you’re staying the night at the hotel, renting a long-stay apartment, working out at the gym or working at the office.
“We’re a company that not only gets involved in what’s happening at the hotel, but also wants to contribute solutions to the major challenges faced by society. The construction at Arenastaden is an excellent example of us not only giving our guests the best experiences but also generating electricity for others besides ourselves. And sustainable electricity at that.”
Petter A Stordalen – founder of Nordic Choice Hotels
The building will stand out in Arenastaden due to its angled design and its dark grid cladding. The facade features an urban brick base. A framework with integral solar panels and facade lighting and featuring a bright upper section that contrasts with the building’s muted exterior. It’s a cohesive unit with a staggered roof, reflecting the project’s strong energy profile and numerous solar panels. 
“It’s a little more luxurious than home, and it will perhaps inspire you to make changes at home, such as solar panels or eating more sustainably. The architecture reflects visible and tangible sustainability.”
Raimo Joss – architect, White Arkitekter
The area is being opened up for visitors using lobby spaces that create a new social link from the Friends Arena level down to Lake Råstasjön and Evenemangsgatan. The link aims to encourage flexible use of offices, restaurants, gyms and event spaces. 

Early illustration

Attractive and inviting entrance.

Early illustration

A hotel where you’d like to extend your stay.

Early illustration

The stunning facade blends in well.


Welcome to magnificent daily living!

Today it’s hard to imagine how the district looked previously. Before Mall of Scandinavia, Friends Arena, the contemporary office buildings and the vibrant urban scene. Arenastaden is now a fully sustainable district with top quality housing, offices, hotels and communications.

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