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Value-adding certifications

International system reviewed by a third party

All our projects and properties are environmentally certified to BREEAM-SE. This is an international system adapted to Swedish conditions, with certification being made by an external party. Also, BREEAM takes into consideration conditions outside the building, which we see as an advantage. We always take responsibility beyond the property boundary, so we want assurance that these initiatives are also being carried out in a climate-smart way.

There are many reasons to certify our buildings:

  • Our tenants can feel secure in their choice of workplace
  • The value of the properties increases
  • Loans become less expensive as more investors seek sustainable investments

Conscious customers want certified offices

With the current focus on reducing global warming and the willingness to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, more and more customers think that an environmentally certified workplace is a hygiene factor. Being an environmentally conscious and proactive employer is becoming increasingly important in terms of employer branding, and we welcome this development.


BREEAM is an environmental certification system from the UK that has existed since 1990. It is the most widespread system for environmental certification in Europe, having been used in over 500,000 buildings all over the world. Since 2013 Sweden Green Building Council has managed the Swedish version, BREEAM-SE.

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Published 14 January 2019

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