Audit Committee

The Board has appointed an Audit Committee within itself for 2012. This committee consists following three members, including the chairman:

  • Märtha Josefsson, Chairman
  • Eva Eriksson, Member
  • Pär Nuder, Member

In 2012, four meetings of the Audit Committee were held. During the year, considerable emphasis continued to be placed on the company’s internal control system. During the year, the Audit Committee addressed areas such as processes for the procurement of major projects, valuation of properties, property transactions, the finance function and project follow-up. Th e Committee also addressed the company’s investments in Arenastaden. Special emphasis was placed on following up the company’s ongoing tax cases.

Year-end accounts and valuation matters were addressed, as were operational and auditing risks. At each meeting, the company’s auditors submitted a report of their review during the year. The minutes from the Audit Committee’s meetings were shared with all Board members, and the Committee’s Chairman submitted regular reports to the Board.