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Fabege is a large listed company that develops urban districts worth billions of Swedish kronor. Many are therefore surprised when they realise how few people actually work here, as we only have just over 200 employees. This means that every individual is extremely important to the business, and great care is taken when recruiting every new employee.

As a company, we strive to create the right conditions for our customers, and this work starts with us as an organisation. Cohesion is important. We may often be different, but we are driven by the same values and aiming for the same goals. The company is a place for real team players who always put the team before their own egos. Committed, talented and motivated employees create profitability. We are convinced that our employees, individually and collectively, are the key to our success.

95% of all employees think that Fabege is a very good place to work

Each week you get the opportunity to exercise with your colleagues

88% Great Place To Work


Would you like to join us to help develop more sustainable city districts in Stockholm? Are you interested in a service occupation that combines technology and customer contact?

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Our core values

Shared core values and a strong corporate culture are distinctive features of successful companies. Fabege works on the basis of the shared core values, ‘SPEAK’, that permeate the entire operation.

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