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Each day our organisation, in ways large and small, helps ensure that the Stockholm region becomes a more sustainable place.

It may sound a bit arrogant but in all our processes, we think and act with the aim of pulling our weight to ensure that global warming is decelerated in time. This may entail creating 20,000 sqm of new green space in an old industrial site, or building Sweden’s first zero-energy hotel. But getting a single employee who works for a tenant to start cycling to work instead of driving is also a major success.

We are entrepreneurs and we are excited by challenges. Creating a more climate-smart Stockholm is one of them!

We aim to contribute to a sustainable Stockholm

We at Fabege are proud of how far we have come in our sustainability work, but at the same time assume that everything has the potential to improve. Therefore, our sustainability report is a good tool for simultaneously mapping, evaluating and driving our sustainability work.

Read more in our Sustainability Report

Parkhuset - The innovation project with only half the climate impact

In a traditional new construction project, about 450 kg of CO[2]/sqm is currently emitted. Fabege is now starting to design Parkhuset in Solna Business Park, which is expected to achieve emissions of 225 CO[2]/sqm – this is only half the climate impact compared to a traditional new construction project.

Read more about Parkhuset
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Fabege is green according to CICERO

CICERO Shades of Green has conducted an independent evaluation of Fabege from a sustainability perspective. The results reveal that 95 per cent of Fabege’s revenue and investments for 2020 were classified as green.

Furthermore, Fabege has received CICERO’s highest rating, ‘excellent,’ in an assessment of the company’s sustainability governance.

CICERO - Evaluation Report (pdf)

Read more in the press release

100 per cent green financing

Fabege has achieved an important milestone in its sustainability work as all of the company’s loan agreements are now green. Therefore, Fabege is first among the Swedish property companies to exclusively choose green financing.

Read more about our green financing

Over 70% travel sustainably to and from Arenastaden

We’ve been working with the CERO method for several years now to develop sustainable travel to and from Arenastaden. In 2019, Arenastaden was recognised with the CERO benchmark – low-carbon district award for its excellent results and positive impact on climate.

Read more about how we work with CERO

Industry leaders in energy efficiency

Being industry leaders in energy efficiency is what we’re all about. We’ve worked systematically on energy issues for over 15 years and achieved excellent results.

Read more about how we work with energy efficiency

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Green financing

Fabege has achieved an important milestone in its sustainability work as all of the company’s loan agreements are now green.

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