Flemingsberg - Fabege

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Vision: Flemingsberg

c/o Fabege

Welcome to Flemingsberg

Better balance between northern and southern Stockholm.

Our new major project will soon be under way. Flemingsberg is to be transformed into a thriving district for employees, students, residents and visitors. 50,000 employees, 50,000 residents and 50,000 visitors will together make a contribution to a varied, dynamic and multifunctional location that creates a hotbed for new ideas.

Early illustration

Early illustration

Early illustration

Strong brands choose Fabege and Flemingsberg

The Royal Swedish Opera and the Royal Dramatic Theatre relocating parts of their operations in Flemingsberg.

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A future dream location in terms of communications

9 min. to inner city.
14 min. to Arenastaden.
29 min. to Arlanda Airport.
28 min. to Skavsta Airport.

50,000 employees, residents and visitors