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It is the people that make a city. And Fabege builds for people. The development of Flemingsberg is one of Sweden’s largest development projects and a key element in the development of Stockholm. With Flemingsberg’s excellent transport links and great potential, we can achieve a good regional balance between southern and northern Stockholm with a growing business cluster. We envisage 50,000 workers, 50,000 residents and 50,000 daily visitors in a future vibrant Flemingsberg.

Flemingsberg is full of life, cutting-edge research, exciting education, inspiring creativity, nice countryside and excellent transport links. With new companies, new homes and new experiences, Fabege will make Flemingsberg pulsate and pump with life. Together, we will create a strong new basis for development and growth. New thoughts will emerge here, and new dreams will be dreamed. Here we make hearts beat.

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Early illustration
Early illustration

Stockholm South Business District

Stockholm South Business District is a business hub for a new era in southern Stockholm. With the pull exerted by everything from large international companies, leading life science companies, venerable cultural institutions and new streaming companies to startups and smaller local companies, together we are creating a new business hub for a new era in southern Stockholm. With the breadth of our portfolio, in everything from existing properties to what is to be developed for the future, there are great opportunities to tailor solutions that suit your business.

Alfa Laval’s new office and innovation centre

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On 24 August 2022 we broke ground for Alfa Laval’s new office and innovation centre in Flemingsberg, an important step in the development of Stockholm South Business District.

In 2025, Alfa Laval’s new building will house modern, inspiring offices, a hightech laboratory for development and testing of products, and an innovation centre for separation technology.

Alfa Laval’s new workplace and the high-tech innovation centre will be developed in close collaboration between both companies with focus on people, location and technology to enable new ways of working. Identity, technical innovations and sustainable solutions have been at the forefront in Alfa Laval’s search for the right location for its 700 employees.

Read more about Alfa Lavals move to Flemingsberg in our  press release

Welcome Dramaten and Operan

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The Royal Dramatic Theatre (Dramaten) and the Royal Swedish Opera (Kungliga Operan) are together moving their workshops, studios, rehearsal halls and archives to Flemingsberg. The new joint venue, with around 12,000 sqm of floorspace, will be ready in summer 2024. Dramaten and Operan are an important starting point and piece of the jigsaw in the development of Flemingsberg, where knowledge and creativity will meet in southern Stockholm.

We are now jointly breaking ground for this important project.

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Excellent transport links for sustainable development

Flemingsberg has excellent transport links. It takes just 9 minutes to get to Stockholm City by regional train and 19 minutes by commuter train. There are good commuting opportunities to the entire Mälardalen region and Uppsala as well as good connections to both Arlanda and Skavsta airports. When the Spårväg Syd tram line is completed, travel in southern Stockholm will be further facilitated thanks to the fact that several expansive areas will be connected with the new tram line. With the construction of a new travel centre located in close proximity to the business and residential areas, shops, culture, healthcare and the university campus, there are excellent opportunities to make Flemingsberg a hub for sustainable travel.

Attractive housing under construction

With new jobs comes the need for new housing. Large and small property development companies are currently working side by side to build 12,000 new homes in Flemingsberg. A new district is taking shape around the site of the new travel centre at Flemingsberg station, with new housing being interspersed with shops, gyms, educational facilities and cultural experiences.

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Life between the buildings

When we develop new city districts, we want to create the best possible environments for the people who live and work there. It’s important that the areas are vibrant, pleasant and safe – before, during and after our construction projects. So we think about much more than just the four walls of the buildings, and aim to encourage activity in the spaces between the buildings by creating good service options and meeting places where people feel safe. We create human, playful, diverse and surprising environments, with the aim of making you feel good here!

Read more about everything we do between the buildings

Where knowledge and creativity meet on a daily basis

Flemingsberg Science promotes development in the region

Flemingsberg Science is a neutral stakeholder in the regional development of southern Stockholm. Its mission is to facilitate and encourage the development of knowledge-intensive activities by promoting cooperation between academia, the business world and society. Its efforts help make Flemingsberg an attractive location for knowledge-intensive and creative industries.

The campus environment is a natural part of Flemingsberg

Thousands of students study at the five institutes of higher education Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Södertörn University, the Swedish Red Cross University and the Stockholm University College of Music Education. The campus is also home to the Idun Lovén School of Art and Widerströmska Upper Secondary School. The research environments Neo and Technology and Health strengthen the area’s focus on life sciences.

Sweden’s 8th largest campus

18,000 students

5 unified student unions

Highly-specialised healthcare

Karolinska University Hospital is a central point in Flemingsberg. Over 15,000 hospital staff work here. Every year, several thousand students and researchers are welcomed here to be trained, develop the future of healthcare and contribute to world-class research.

A nature reserve just around the corner

Flemingsberg Forest Nature Reserve is a natural forest spread over 967 hectares. It contains forest areas on rock (hällmarkstallskog), bogs on the higher slopes and also coniferous and deciduous forests.

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Press releases about our projects in Flemingsberg are available here. The images are free to use by the media and organisations writing articles about us.

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