Sustainability management

Our sustainability work is integrated in all parts of the organisation and has a clear division of responsibility for the work with the various focus areas. The sustainability department has overall responsibility for driving sustainability issues and collaborates with the rest of the organisation in implementation and follow-up.

Our sustainability framework

We are a leader in the office market in Stockholm and have good opportunities to contribute to sustainable development in the districts in which we own a large number of properties. We take a holistic, responsible approach, and work broadly with climate issues, contributing to improved health, wellbeing and safety in our city districts. We do this by linking green financing to sustainability-certified buildings and investments, and endeavouring to create a city that is healthy and appealing in the long term to all who spend time here. We bring interesting and unexpected elements to everyday life, creating life between the buildings, taking an active role and considering the whole location. The whole time.

Sustainability management

Management of material sustainability topics

The management of the sustainability work is based on our most essential areas below. Click on an area to read more about its governance, goals and activities.

Management of sustainability work

  • The Board of Directors bears overall responsibility for the sustainability strategy and following up Fabege’s work on sustainability. The Board of Directors has appointed Anne Årneby as the Board member with particular responsibility for sustainability.

  • The CEO and the Executive Management Team bear overall responsibility for implementation of the sustainability strategy. Overall objectives are approved by the Executive Management Team and established at Board level.

  • The Head of Sustainability coordinates and oversees sustainability issues and acts as spokesperson in external relations. The Head of Sustainability provides regular reports to the Executive Management Team and reports annually to the Board of Directors.

  • Fabege’s Sustainability Department pursues and develops sustainability work and works in an integrated way with the rest of the organisation. The sustainability team, under the supervision of the Head of Sustainability, proposes objectives and coordinates and follows up activities.

  • Managers and individual employees implement the strategy and perform the activities approved.
Changed 14 March 2024

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Whistleblower function

The Fabege whistleblower function is intended for reporting serious irregularities.

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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct presents our view on issues related to human rights, labour practices, the environment, business ethics and communication.

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Policy documents

Our policy documents aim, among other things, to preserve and develop the great values ​​found in the business and to maintain the public's trust in Fabege.

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Criteria and inspections of suppliers

When a supplier apply for cooperation with us, we assess the company according to a number of different criteria. We review existing suppliers on an ongoing basis.

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