Our city districts

Our city districts

We have a presence in a limited number of districts in Stockholm, and are the largest property owner in all districts apart from the inner city.

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Here we make hearts beat - it is the people that make a city. And Fabege builds for people. The development of Flemingsberg is one of Sweden’s largest development projects and a key element in the development of Stockholm.

Our vision for Flemingsberg


Stockholm likes to call itself “the Capital of Scandinavia”. When it comes to the office market, it’s no exaggeration. Stockholm inner city is the largest market in the Nordic region. And we’re one of the biggest owners.

Fabege in Stockholm


Solna is one of Stockholm’s most dynamic municipalities. It is home to the national football arena, a university hospital engaged in world-leading research and Scandinavia’s largest shopping centre. Our properties are mainly located in the districts of Arenastaden, including Haga Norra, and Solna Business Park.

Fabege in Solna