Easy ways to cut energy costs

To protect the environment, everyone must lend a hand!

Over recent years, we at Fabege have reduced carbon emissions from approximately 40,000 tonnes in 2002 to about 5,000 tonnes by focusing on systematic energy optimisation, converting to district heat and district cooling and switching to environmentally declared electricity.

You as customer can also assist in protecting the environment and simultaneously reducing your energy costs.

Heating - ventilation

  • Inform the operating personnel if there is any reason to alter the active ventilation period or if it is unnecessarily warm in the premises.
  • Don’t touch the ventilation setting, and don’t place any obstructing furniture in front of the radiators.
  • Avoid using extra electric radiators.
  • Use Venetian blinds and sun canopies/shades actively.


  • Turn off all lighting when you leave your workplace.
  • Check the lighting by means of the proximity switch and/or time switch.
  • Replace old fittings and adjust the lighting to the workplace.
  • Use power-efficient light sources, such as LED.


  • Activate the copier’s power-saving mode. Make sure that copiers and other power-intensive equipment are turned off at the end of the working day.


  • Turn off your computer when you go home.
  • Make sure the power-saving function is activated.


  • Contact the operating personnel/repairers in the event of leaking taps or running toilets.

Pantry – dining area

  • Contact repairers if you suspect that the rubber mouldings designed to seal fridge and freezer doors are not fully functional.
  • Fill up the dishwasher before starting it.
  • Try to ensure eco-labelled goods are purchased and buy locally produced products.


  • Use office equipment, furniture and chemi-technical products that are eco-labelled, and reduce the use of disposable goods.
  • When purchasing equipment, request information on energy and water consumption and take this into consideration.
  • Sort waste at source.
Changed 31 August 2022

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