Life between the buildings

When we develop our districts, we want to create the best possible place for the people living and working there. So we think far beyond the properties and aim to encourage activity in the spaces between the buildings, create meeting places where people feel safe, and services and features that get people talking. It is important for us to make urban environments more human, playful, diverse, and surprising. For instance, we have worked on lighting projects as one way to create secure, peaceful environments, and green areas and parks as a way of promoting health and physical activity.

Another aspect of this work is bringing new qualities to the streets of these districts through art and culture. Our work with street art on both a small and large scale aims to create thriving districts and attract more people onto the streets. We want to promote a range of artistic expression in public spaces and are working with both school children and established artists.

Homework help

Fabege supports school children in Flemingsberg by supporting the non-profit foundation Läxhjälpen that runs a results-focused and structured homework help programme in schools with below national average results. The programme helps ensure more pupils pass their exams at the end of compulsory school, and gives them confidence for the future.

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17 goals in i 1 park

Fabege has, with the help of BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, developed a master plan and development idea for Solna Business Park. The starting shot will be the park, whose concept is supported by the UN's 17 global sustainability goals, which will contribute to a more activated and vibrant street environment where people are given more space. The concept is designed with different elements and installations that in different ways will support and inform about all 17 global goals.

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Pep Parks

Solna’s Pep Parks are a collaboration between the City of Solna, Fabege and Generation Pep, an organisation created on the initiative of the Crown Princess Couple. The parks are a pilot project aimed at developing a model for partnerships between municipalities and local business, which can be rolled out to other parts of the country. The first Pep Park was officially opened in Huvudsta in autumn 2019 in the presence of Prince Daniel. Autumn 2020 saw the official opening of the new colourful Pep Park in Arenastaden. A third park is planned for Hagaparken.

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Unique indoor mural in Arenastaden

Tony Sjöman is the artist from Gothenburg who has become known for his abstract, geometric mural paintings, especially in New York where he currently lives and has his studio.

At Fabege's new headquarters in Arenastaden, Tony has painted a unique indoor artwork in the fall of 2021 that we are incredibly happy about.

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Street Gallery

Street Gallery is a street-based art exhibition in Solna Business Park. The district is undergoing numerous changes, both large and small. Surprising and unexpected aspects of everyday life that encourage vitality in the spaces between buildings, wellbeing and a sense of security.

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Student art in Arenastaden

In spring 2019, Fabege launched a project called Miniature Art – Wellbeing, Safety & Playfulness together with Ulriksdal School in Solna. In the winter the students were invited to Arenastaden to see the possible places that Fabege had chosen to display the artwork. The students were given the chance to both create works of art for specific locations, and explain their thinking behind it. We then selected seven pieces for display, and these are now on show in a large format in the designated places in Arenastaden.

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Pocket Parks

Creating attractive outdoor environments is increasingly challenging as cities grow and become more compact. Pocket parks, or mini parks, provide green areas and space to breathe in Solna Business Park and Arenastaden.

The way in which our workplaces and offices are designed is just one aspect of what makes us happy at work. The environment outside the office is just as important, and most people like to see a bit of greenery and some life and movement in the vicinity of their offices.

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Mural painting

Elina Metso has painted the amazing mural on the brick facade of Dalvägen 15 in Arenastaden. She is a mural artist and illustrator based in Malmö and works both in Sweden and abroad. Her paintings often reflect the colours, shapes and stories from the mural’s surroundings. It’s important to her that the painting has a link with the area.

“I’ve included shapes with an Egyptian theme as the district is called Farao. For instance, the abstract yellow shapes at the bottom come from Egyptian illustrations of lotus flowers. Another detail is the jewellery she has on her collar, a scarab-like piece with the beetle wings in the texture of the collar and the beetle itself in the form of a stone amulet.”

Changed 14 June 2024