How to achieve the sustainable city

We have achieved a lot in our sustainability work that we are proud of. At the same time, we are humble in the face of all the challenges that remain to reach our high sustainability goals.

We made bold strategic decisions early on that mean we are now at the forefront of our sector. We were the first of all the Swedish property companies to achieve 100 per cent green financing in 2020, and in 2021 we signed the first taxonomy-adapted loan in the Nordic region. We have ambitious goals for 2030, and by continuing to make bold decisions, we are confident we will achieve them.

Long-term approach to sustainability

  • Science Based Target since 2020.
  • 100% green financing.
  • GRESB – highest rating among listed companies in Northern Europe in 2023. Read more >
  • 100% environmentally certified investment property portfolio.
  • Reuse hub opened in 2023. Read more >
  • Approved green share on Nasdaq – Green Equity Designation 2023. Read more >

Listed below is a selection of highlights from 2017 and onwards, year-by-year. Finally, our goals for 2025 and 2030 are compiled.


  • Carbon footprint (Scopes 1 & 2) reduced by 96% since 2002. Read more >
  • 100% electric service car fleet. Read more >
  • 100% of new builds and major redevelopments are
    certified to BREEAM-SE standard.


  • Three new activity parks to be constructed in Solna together with Generation Pep. Read more >
  • 800,000 m3 of geothermal energy storage keeps employees warm in Tidningshuset. Read more >


  • 100% of investment properties environmentally certified to BREEAM In-Use standard.
  • Top GRESB score, as we are ranked highest in the office category, Northern Europe. Read more >
  • ICA’s Arenastaden office named BREEAM Building of the Year. Read more >


  • Affiliated with Science Based Target Initiative.
  • First Swedish property company to achieve 100% green financing. Read more >
  • SEB’s offices in Arenastaden named Europe’s healthiest building. Read more >


  • Scandinavia’s first zero-energy hotel – House of Choice – named BREEAM Building of  the Year. Read more >
  • Social sustainability projects Flemingsberg Läxhjälpen (homework help), TalangAkademin and BID Flemingsberg.
  • Nordic region’s first taxonomy-adapted loan. Read more >


  • We are climbing GRESB rankings – 94/100 points. Read more >
  • Decision on circularity index 20%.
  • 100% green leases, newly signed space, and 89% green leases, total space.
  • Average energy consumption 73 kWh/sqm Atemp.


  • Reduction of energy use from 166 kWh/sqm Atemp (2010) to 71 kWh/sqm Atemp.
  • Still 100% of investment properties environmentally certified to BREEAM In-Use.
  • Circularity index of 13%.*


* Proportion of reused construction material of total amount of construction material supplied in 27 projects that have undergone a carbon footprint calculation. The target is to achieve at least 20%.

Goal 2025

  • Scope 3 carbon footprint 20% reduction/sqm GFA compared with 2019.
  • Measures from completed climate resilience analyses implemented on all properties.

Goal 2030

  • Own solar production equivalent to 2.5 kWh/sqm Atemp.
  • Carbon neutral property management.
  • Carbon footprint (Scope 3) 50% reduction/sqm GFA in construction projects  compared with 2019.
Changed 9 April 2024

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Targets and results

The long term targets for sustainability of Fabege's is about customers, the environment, suppliers and employees.

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Each day our organisation, in ways large and small, helps ensure that the Stockholm region becomes a more sustainable place.

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