800,000 m3 heated bedrock provides a pleasant climate for employees in Tidningshuset

Fabege’s well-known building in Marieberg is heated and cooled using ultramodern geoenergy storage with a volume of more than 800,000 m3. In summer, 38-degree Celsius water is pumped down into the bedrock, which is heated up. When colder days arrive, the heat is brought back up.

Tidningshuset, or DN-skrapan as it is better known among many Stockholm residents, has the unique characteristic of the amount of cooling used in the summer being equivalent to the amount of district heating required in the winter. This particular circumstance means that storing heat during the summer to then be used in winter is an attractive solution. Fabege has drilled a total of 85 holes in Marieberg of a depth of 300 metres. There are a total of 25 kilometres of hosepipe containing warm liquid under the building.

- “The investment has meant that we no longer need to purchase any cooling, and that the amount of district heating purchased has been reduced by 75 percent thanks to the energy stored in the bedrock,” says Alexander Carlsson, operations manager at Fabege.

The total saving is around 2,000 MWh per year, which corresponds to what is required to heat almost 300 houses. Also, the value of the property is increasing due to the lower heating costs.

Fabege aims to be the industry leader in energy efficiency and sustainable office properties. One of many sustainability goals is to reduce energy consumption by a further 20 percent, and for total energy consumption to be 50 percent lower than the 2014 Swedish national average for premises by 2020 at the latest. Fabege uses 100 percent renewable power in its properties, all building maintenance technicians drive electric cars and carbon dioxide produced has decreased by 96 percent over the past 15 years.

Fabege AB (publ)

6 Nov 2018 7:00 AM

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