Criteria and inspections of suppliers

Our code of conduct and purchasing policy clarify Fabege’s positions to suppliers. New suppliers must live up to our criteria, and we regularly inspect existing suppliers in terms of finances, sustainability, quality and agreements.

Criteria for becoming a supplier

When as a supplier you apply to work with us at Fabege, we assess your company based on the following criteria:

  • Creditworthiness – that the company has a strong financial position
  • Price – that the company supplies a good product or service at a good price
  • Quality – that the quality of the product meets our requirements
  • Sustainability – that the company actively works on sustainability
  • References – that the company has strong references from former partnerships

Continuous inspection

Our code of conduct and purchasing policy clarify Fabege’s position to suppliers. Monitoring is an important aspect of our purchasing work, in order to assure a high level of ethics, consideration for human rights, entrepreneurship, competition, objectivity and equal treatment.

To ensure that our suppliers meet our requirements, regular inspections of finances are carried out, along with inspections from a sustainability and quality perspective.
The aim is for 100 percent of Fabege’s strategic business partners to be inspected with regard to sustainability by 2020. These partners are estimated to account for 85 percent of the total purchasing volume.

We encourage inspection of subcontractors

There are major challenges in this area, particularly in terms of ensuring that earlier links in the supply chain also satisfy the requirements. This is why we urge our suppliers to inspect their own suppliers as a significant first step in these efforts. The focus for continued inspections is now on making a more in-depth analysis of the biggest suppliers, as well as of those suppliers that are deemed to be particularly high risk.

Inspection from several perspectives


All of Fabege’s suppliers are under the supervision of a credit rating company commissioned by the company. The aim is to quickly recognise any financial deviations that could have an adverse impact on the delivery concerned.


Suppliers are also examined from a sustainability perspective; not only to check the suppliers’ operations, but also to inspire them to conduct further work on sustainability issues.

Any deficiencies revealed in connection with the inspections may lead to us drawing up a joint action plan. In the worst case scenario, the partnership may be discontinued.


A quarterly quality inspection is conducted, whereby we select suppliers for assessment on the basis of the quality of their deliveries. The results are used in the dialogue with each supplier and function as an important element in long-term relationships.


Agreements entered into are followed up on a regular basis and include:

  • the level of delivery
  • attendance times
  • receipt of alarms
  • work instructions
  • on-call staff
  • agreed service visits
  • review of invoices.

Focus on high risk work environments

Building sites are high-risk environments and Fabege focuses intently on the work environment in order to minimise accidents and incidents at the sites.

All applicable legislation and safety procedures must be complied with at all construction sites. Continuous audits are conducted during the course of all projects.

Although the work environment and employer liability at building sites are the responsibility of the contractors, we at Fabege take an active role in preventing incidents. We only procure building contractors that meet our stringent risk management requirements, and our partnerships with contractors are evaluated on a running basis.

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