Policy documents

Common to all of Fabege's policies is that they are intended, among other things, to maintain and develop the immense values inherent in the operations and to maintain public's trust in Fabege.

Group Management establishes all of Fabege's policies and also certain instructions. All of Fabege's policy documents are available to all employees on the company intranet.

Sustainability and environmental policy

Fabege’s aim is to develop properties, areas and districts that remain attractive and sustainable in the long term, and that provide a high level of comfort for our customers while having a low impact on the environment.

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Procurement and purchasing policy

To ensure purchasing activities are effective, Fabege has therefore adopted a policy that observes Fabege’s own requirements, along with those of the company’s customers, suppliers and contractors, for rational, efficient and ethical procedures.

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Salary policy

Both managers and employees shall be aware of Fabege’s salary policy and the basis for salary-setting. Regardless of gender, age, and sexual orientation, or ethnic or religious background, the salary should be linked to the individual's performance and accomplishments.

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Information Security Policy

This information security policy applies to all employees and others, who through agreement, gain access to information belonging to Fabege. 

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Tax Policy

This tax policy defines Fabege’s view on the Group’s tax management.

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Changed 21 March 2024

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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct presents our view on issues related to human rights, labour practices, the environment, business ethics and communication.

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Whistleblower function

The Fabege whistleblower function is intended for reporting serious irregularities.

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