Under the Swedish Companies Act, the company’s auditor is required to examine the company’s Annual Report and accounts as well as the management performed by the Board and the CEO.

After the end of each financial year, the auditor is required to submit an audit report to the AGM. Auditors are appointed and remunerated based on AGM resolutions pursuant to proposals from the Nominating Committee. At the 2023 AGM, the auditing firm Deloitte was appointed as the company’s auditors with the authorised public accountant Peter Ekberg as Auditor-In-Charge for the period up to the 2024 AGM. Due to the rotation rules, a new audit firm will be elected at the 2024 Annual General Meeting. There is a proposal to appoint KPMG with Mattias Johansson as Auditor-In-Charge.

In addition to Fabege, Peter Ekberg has audit assignments for the following major companies: Loomis AB and Telia Company. Peter Ekberg has no other roles with companies that are closely related to Fabege’s major owners or the CEO. In addition to its assignment as our appointed auditors, Deloitte has performed audit-related assignments relating primarily to other auditing activities.

Furthermore, Deloitte conducts a limited assurance review to ensure our Sustainability Report is produced according to GRI Standards, and a statutory review of the Sustainability Report that also satisfies requirements stipulated in the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

The following remuneration was paid to the company’s auditors:

  Group Parent Company
SEK 000s 2023 2022 2023 2022
Auditing assignments* 3,680 3,407 3,680 3,407
Other auditing activities 350 150 350 150
Tax advisory services - - - -
Other services 53 53 53 53
Total 4,083 3,610 4,083 3,610
Auditing assignments 872 880 - -
Total 872 880 - -

* Auditing assignments pertain to the auditing of the Annual Report and financial statements, as well as the administration of the Board and the CEO, other tasks required of the company’s auditors and advisory services and representation brought on by observations during such audits or such other tasks.

Changed 27 March 2024