Three reasons to invest in Fabege

1. Clear geographical concentration and a targeted focus

The fact that we have a presence in a select number of fast-growing submarkets in the Stockholm area creates many advantages. It means we have good knowledge of the market and efficient property management. It is not possible to be the best at everything. We have therefore chosen to focus on commercial properties and having close proximity to our customers. We are experts in Stockholm’s office market.

2. Great potential

We have a large portfolio of development rights for both office and residential properties. With low initial values and an efficient construction process, there is good potential to create impressive values. The goal is to invest SEK 10 billion just in our office development rights over a four year period.

3. Stable and green

We have a stable balance sheet and strong KPIs. Trends come and go, but real estate will always be needed; this describes our business well. We are a leader in sustainability and have 100 per cent green financing and a 100 per cent environmentally-certified management and project portfolio.

Audiocast Q3 2023

Fabege's Interim Report January - September 2023 was published on Thursday, 19 October 2023, at 07:30 AM CET. The report was presented in English through an audiocast on the same day at 10:30 AM.

You can download the report on the "Reports and Presentations" page. Click the link below to listen to the audiocast.

Audiocast Q3 2023

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