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Welcome to Solna Business Park

Solna Business Park is currently one of Stockholm’s top areas for companies and their employees. With the city’s best transport hub after the central station, great services and exciting neighbours, the area is an important arena for companies and their staff. The city district is now being improved significantly, as it is transformed from an excellent area for offices into a vibrant neighbourhood that also includes residential properties, more people in circulation and even better service.

The power of the area

Solna Business Park is a district that is undergoing both small and large-scale changes. Here, you can expect the unexpected. An art gallery in the heart of a bustling business environment. Exciting interaction between architectural styles. The calm of parks and the vibrancy of offices. Contrasts meet in a natural way here.

There is still plenty of development that needs doing, but much already exists today.

This is Solna Business Park:

  • Fantastic transport links
  • A gathering point for businesses and strong brands
  • International architecture with a high level of originality
  • The mix of and contrasts between companies, culture, government authorities and restaurants creates a dynamic atmosphere
  • A natural extension of Sundbyberg
  • Great restaurants and other services
  • An ambitious and expansive municipality

Services in the area

Food tours stretching from Marrakech to Honolulu

Have your lunch at Pocket in the Park, Marrakech, Matmakarn, Risbergs or Smedens Mathal on Svetsarvägen.

In Sundbyberg you can find Eatery, Restaurang S, Krubb, Babas Burger, Vólta Café, Brasserie La Vie and The Public.

Razor-sharp meetings and soft beds

Several of our tenants at Parken have asked for more flexibility regarding workplaces and better conference facilities, which is why we’re now opening a brand new conference facility. There, you will be able to book anything from small meeting rooms for a few hours to a three-day conference for the entire company. It will also house co-working and podcast studios.

If you have visitors who need to stay overnight, you can choose between two hotels at Parken: Hotel by Maude or Maude’s Hotel and, a stone’s throw away, Grow Hotel.

Gym, padel court and exercise track make it easy to stay in shape

You can work out at Actic Stockholm, SATS or Nordic Wellness. Attend a yoga session, go for a run along Bällstaviken waterfront or play padel on our newly opened court in the middle of Parken.For those who like to cycle to work, there’s a modern indoor parking facility for bikes offering showers and changing rooms, with annual bike servicing included in the subscription.

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Restaurants serving lunch and dinner

Street Gallery

Good shopping is never far away

The best transport links after Central Station

New transport centre

8 minutes to Stockholm Central

30 minutes to Arlanda airport

From vision to reality

Vision Solna Business Park

The transformation of the area is now beginning, from previously being an excellent location for offices, with one of Stockholm’s best transport hub locations, into a complete city district that is active around the clock.

There will be a great mix of services in the form of fine dining, street food, food market, brasseries, nice bars, hotels, co-working options and conference facilities. There will also be plenty of opportunities to exercise and good running routes.

Early Illustration Early illustration
Early Illustration Early illustration
Early illustration

Premises available in the area

In Solna Business Park we have a large number of upcoming projects, retail premises and existing vacancies. Big? Small? Modern? Industrial feel? Now? Later? You choose!

Early illustration
Early illustration
Early illustration


One of Sweden’s most innovative development projects. This is where we set the standards for the entire sector’s climate transition, as we are aiming to halve our climate footprint. We focus here on innovation from three perspectives: Sustainability, new ways of working and putting people first. Parkhuset is an office building in which everything is done to increase well-being. You are welcome to contact us for further information. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

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Early illustration


Fantastically beautiful and bright premises on the second floor with signage facing Svetsarvägen.

Read more about Glashuset (Swedish only)
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