Financial targets



Results 2022


Return on equity    
Fabege will consistently be among
the foremost publicly traded property companies.

The return on shareholders’ equity amounted to 5.2 per cent through contributions.



Loan-to-value ratio    
The loan-to-value ratio must never
exceed 50 per cent.

The loan-to-value ratio fell to 38 per cent due to rising property values and value-creating investments.



Green Financing    
Fabege´s ambition is for 100 per cent of the company's financing to br green or sustainable.

At year-end, 100 per cent of the company´s outstanding financing and credit facilities were green and all creditors now provide green financing alternatives.


Equity/assets ratio    
The target is to maintain an equity/assets ratio of at least 35 per cent.

The equity/assets ratio was 49 per cent.



Interest coverage ratio    
The interest coverage ratio is to be at least 2.2.

The interest coverage ratio is well above the target, an effect of strong net operating income combined with low market interest rates.



Debt ratio    
The long term debt ratio will amount to a maximum of 13.

The debt ratio calculated as interest-bearing liabilities divided by net operating income less central administration amounted to 15.6.



Surplus ratio    
The target is for the surplus ratio to amount to 75 per cent.

The surplus ratio has continually improved, owing to growing revenue, an increasingly modern portfolio and persistent efforts to keep costs down.



Changed 26 April 2023