Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at Fabege aims to create conditions to exercise an active and responsible ownership role, ensure the owners' ability to assert their interests vis-à-vis the Executive Committee bodies, more clearly delineate the division of roles and responsibilities between management and control bodies, and to ensure the best possible openness vis-à-vis the owners and capital market. Good corporate governance also ensures effective decision-making, which increases Fabege's chances to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Fabege is a Swedish public limited-liability company with registered number 556049-1523. The company has its domicile in Stockholm.

Swedish Corporate Governance Code

The company’s corporate governance is based on its Articles of Association, the Swedish Companies Act and other applicable laws and regulations. Fabege applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”), whose main purpose is to improve standards of governance among Swedish businesses.

Good corporate governance is an important objective for Fabege

The shareholders and financial markets should apprehend that decisions are made on rational grounds and with the objective of creating increased shareholder value. By providing information about conditions and decisions and evaluating risks in a transparent manner, increased trust in the business and its processes is achieved, which also enhances the company's value.

The division of responsibility between the different corporate bodies of Fabege is determined by applicable legislation.

Changed 5 January 2021

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