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Sweden’s engine

Stockholm likes to call itself “the Capital of Scandinavia”. When it comes to the office market, it’s no exaggeration. It goes without saying for us to be part of Stockholm’s highly sought-after property market, and we can offer premises that are both central and a little further out.

Our portfolio in the city center is largely characterized by modern offices and retail spaces in the vicinity of Kungsgatan and Drottninggatan, but we also own historic properties like the Wenner-Gren Center in Hagastaden and beautiful older buildings in Kungsholmen, Norrmalm, and Östermalm.

In Hammarby Sjöstad, we hold a leading market position in terms of office properties, with well-known buildings such as Luma.

In Älvsjö, we own a coworking facility, which we call CoW Älvsjö.

Our districts in Stockholm city

Stockholm inner city

Being a part of the most sought-after real estate market in Stockholm is natural for us. Our properties have some of the best locations in Stockholm city center, such as Kungsgatan and Drottninggatan. We are also present in Hagastaden.

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Hammarby Sjöstad

Do you want to work in an area that is somewhat different from most other areas? Which really stands out as a result of its location, history and creative atmosphere? Then welcome to Hammarby Sjöstad!

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In Älvsjö, just nine minutes from the city, you find CoW Kabelverket, our coworking/office hotel offering.

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