Urban development

c/o Fabege

Urban city development for us

For us, it is all about life, and how it is lived locally. We think urban development is about so much more than construction. Our commitment extends beyond individual houses, to the site, its facilities, the environment and the people populating them. In the neighbourhoods that we are focused on and own, we have an opportunity to take responsibility for the whole, taking a long-term approach in order to create a pleasant setting for residents, workers and visitors alike.

We have a clear strategy for our property portfolio, in locations that tie Stockholm together, from Arenastaden in the north to Flemingsberg in the south. All the areas are, and will become, increasingly important hubs, especially for rail transport. This gives customers and residents easier access to the whole of the regional labour market.

So we like to see ourselves as a key player in boosting our customers’ competitive edge. People have so much to fit into their day: fetching and dropping off the kids, doing exercise, running errands. And then on top of that we need to work too. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible for our customers’ employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. This is why we are strongly committed to creating a vibrant community between buildings. Green spaces, restaurants and services are important for safety and well-being. So are the social sustainability initiatives that we support, such as the Pep Parken in Solna for play and movement, and the TalangAkademin in Flemingsberg.

So we can never think small. We have to look at the bigger picture. The whole company. The whole area. The whole person. All the time.

The bigger picture – what it’s all about

The fact that we develop city districts and are therefore major property owners in our areas means we can take greater responsibility for the bigger picture. From positioning the social areas and visible stairwells to encourage movement, to everything that happens outside the office itself.

Does the area have enough gyms, green spaces, hotels, cafés, restaurants and cycle paths? We know that people who feel good perform better. If on top of that they are able to run their private errands quickly and nearby, then it takes less time and focus away from work. This is what we call sustainable.

With our customers. Through thick and thin

We believe there are several aspects to a long-term approach. We are long-term property owners. We have a long-term approach to our relationships. For example, if a customer needs to grow, we’ll help them find a solution. The same applies if they need smaller premises. We have a long-term approach beyond our portfolio as well. We work actively to build a sustainable urban environment that satisfies the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

From council to coffee machine

We’ve solved numerous challenges over the years. And we take the lessons we’ve learned on board for future projects. The way we see it, this approach often gives us a lead. We never need to start from scratch. Whether it’s a matter of the municipality’s particular conditions, or the best place for the coffee machine in the new office.

Case: Arenastaden

c/o Fabege

From industrial area to vibrant district

Yes, things were tough in the beginning. But you have to take the leap and be slightly crazy to believe in the vision of a magnificent urban district with over 14 million visitors annually when you’re standing in the mud on an old industrial site. A place where you can sell scrap by the kilo and get cash in hand. But that’s exactly what it was like in 2007. Dalvägen industrial area was not the kind of place that attracted visitors after nightfall, but this was where our vision of Arenastaden came into being.

Extensive public transport

All new builds are environmentally certified

20,000 sqm new green spaces

Right conditions in the right location

What was positive from the start was the location. Close to Stockholm city centre, Solna station public transport and the natural surroundings by Lake Råstasjön. We also found an energetic municipality and land that was relatively unexploited – two key pieces of the puzzle. We then added a national arena, Scandinavia’s biggest and best shopping centre and, not least, Sweden’s most attractive office. The Tvärbanan light rail service came here, we got a new entrance by the commuter train station, electric-powered buses to Bromma airport, and we’re now awaiting the Arenastaden metro station.

Billions of kronor to the community

The fact is that independent socioeconomic calculations show that Arenastaden contributes around SEK 18 billion to the community each year, 25,000 new jobs have been created, the tourism industry has grown fourfold in Solna, and the municipality has Sweden’s lowest level of youth unemployment thanks to all the jobs created here. It’s particularly pleasing to see how Solna residents, who have accompanied us on this journey, now have a fantastic range of services at Mall of Scandinavia, and the public transport has improved immeasurably.

Spirit of enterprise

All this shows the importance of dreaming big and soldiering on when the going gets tough. Because that’s what we do. Develop places that attract people with our immense energy and can-do attitude.

From vision to reality