Whistleblower function

Good relations, a healthy working environment and superior business ethics are crucial to the long-term success of Fabege.

It is important for us that attention is drawn to corruption, irregularities or fraudulent acts that can seriously damage the business or negatively impact our employees, and that such incidents are investigated at as early a stage as possible. For this reason, we have set up a whistleblower function.

What can I report?

The Fabege whistleblower function is intended for reporting serious irregularities that have to do with:

  • bookkeeping transgressions or other financial crime,
  • corruption and bribes,
  • major shortfalls in safety at the workplace,
  • serious incidents of discrimination and/or harassment, or
  • other serious irregularities that affect the vital interests of the company or the Group, and/or which may pose a threat to the life or health of an individual.

Pursuant to the applicable legislation, the only personal data processed are those that have to do with criminal acts by key personnel or persons in senior executive positions.

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Changed 10 January 2020

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