About us

Fabege develops long-term, attractive city districts. Our concept isn’t primarily about constructing buildings. It’s about creating the conditions to help people and companies thrive. 

These days, people have so much to fit into their day: fetching, dropping off, taking exercise and running errands. That’s why we aim to make it supremely simple for our customers’ employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance. So we can never think small. We have to look at the bigger picture. The whole company. The whole area. The whole person. All the time.

The bigger picture – what it’s all about.

The fact that we develop city districts and are therefore major owners in our areas means we can take greater responsibility for the bigger picture. From positioning the social areas and visible stairwells to encourage movement, to everything that happens outside the office itself. We know that people who feel good perform better. If on top of that they are able to run their private errands quickly and nearby, then it takes less time and focus away from work.

With our customers. Through thick and thin.

Another aspect of our long-term approach is our ownership. We always take a long-term view of our relationships. For example, if a customer expands, we’ll help them find a solution. The same applies if they need smaller premises.

Quick facts*
Number of properties 100
Market value of properties SEK 78.1bn, of which development and project properties account for SEK 14.3bn
Rental value of properties SEK 3.9bn
Lettable area 1.2m sqm
Focused city districts Arenastaden including urban district Haga Norra, Solna Business Park, Stockholm inner city, Hammarby Sjöstad and Flemingsberg
Number of employees 228

* per 31 December 2023

Changed 7 February 2024

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By owning a large proportion of properties within well-defined areas, we have the opportunity to take greater responsibility for the district as a whole.

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