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Our business model

It doesn’t matter where you are, you are always at the heart of our business.

Our motto is ‘creating the right conditions’. For us it means developing long-term, sustainable city districts where our customers and their employees have the right conditions to evolve and grow both as companies and individuals. Our districts are Arenastaden, Hammarby Sjöstad, City, Solna Business Park, Haga Norra and Flemingsberg.

Property Management

We manage our customers’ trust.

Developing the right offices for our customers and continually ensuring that they are happy with their unique solutions is a long-term endeavour. It’s an ongoing task, and there are no breaks. Only through close and open dialogue are we able to win their respect and trust. So that’s why it’s first and foremost not properties we are managing, it’s trust.

Property development

We also have a long-term vision when it comes to property development.

New builds and property improvements are both important elements for our business. Together with our customers we construct new buildings, or develop unfinished properties. The goal is for what we create together to form the best foundations for a lasting relationship.


To buy or to sell, that is the question.

We continually analyse our portfolio to generate growth via acquisitions and sales. So when it comes to growth in particular, the question is actually: To buy or to sell?

Published 15 November 2018

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