Our business model

It doesn’t matter where you are, you are always at the heart of our business.

Our motto is ‘creating the right conditions’. For us it means developing long-term, sustainable city districts where our customers and their employees have the right conditions to evolve and grow both as companies and individuals. Our districts are Arenastaden, Hammarby Sjöstad, City, Solna Business Park, Haga Norra and Flemingsberg.

Property Management

The essence of Fabege’s operations is finding the right premises for a customer’s specific requirements and ensuring that the customer is content. This is accomplished through long-term work and based on close dialogue with the customer, thus building mutual trust and loyalty.

Property development

High-quality property development is the second key cornerstone of our business. Fabege has long-standing expertise in pursuing extensive property development projects, with the aim of attracting long-term tenants to properties that have not yet been fully developed and can be redesigned based on the customer’s specific requirements.


Property transactions are an integral part of Fabege’s business model and make a significant contribution to the company’s earnings. The company continuously analyses its property portfolio to take advantage of opportunities to generate capital growth through acquisitions and divestments.

Changed 6 February 2020

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Each day our organisation, in ways large and small, helps ensure that the Stockholm region becomes a more sustainable place.

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