Circularity, reuse and resource efficiency

Conscientious materials selection

Our objective is for 100 per cent of our building materials to be environmentally safe in accordance with Byggvarubedömningen (Building Material Assessment). To reduce environmental impact in both the short and long term we ensure at early stage that our projects choose the right materials and use the right methods. The climate impact from the production of building materials is high, which is why we are trying to make greater use of materials that can be reused. We also participate in the Centre for Circular Building, which is an arena in which industry operators meet and collaborate on reuse and circular material flows in construction, demolition and property management.

Disassembly, reuse, recycling and 

Large amounts of building products and interior decoration materials are thrown away unnecessarily. That is why it is important for us to create the conditions for circular material flows, i.e. opportunities for disassembly, reuse and recycling. We try to choose the right materials and use the right assembly methods, and to reuse materials from our conversions. We carry out an inventory of reused materials in the majority of our vacated properties and buildings due to be vacated. The development plans for Haga Norra also include a number of large-scale projects working with reclaimed bricks. In cooperation with construction companies, we also conduct research projects with the aim of getting better at reusing frames and beams. Our goal is to increase recycling by always carrying out recycling inventories before tenant adaptation and in connection with project development.

Waste management – calculation methods and results

For our part, waste is generated partly in connection with construction projects and tenant customisations, and partly through the waste generated by tenants and ourselves in our operations. The latter is calculated using data from our main waste contractors and based on quantity, type and weight. We currently have access to statistics for 66 of our properties; a small number fall outside our statistics because our customers have the option of choosing a waste contractor other than the one we recommend. We strive for efficient use of resources and encourage all customers to separate their waste into at least five fractions.

Construction waste from our projects is managed by individual contractors, and in 2020 we tightened our contracts regarding the reporting of waste statistics. Properties that are certified to BREEAM standard are also subject to special rules regarding areas such as recycling and waste management.

Our water consumption target

In addition to easing the strain on Earth’s resources, lower water consumption also means preparing our business for a future of declining water tables and reduced availability of fresh water. In 2021, we started work with a quantified goal in order to streamline the follow-up. Our goal is to reduce our water consumption by two percent each year. The outcome for 2022 was 327 l/sqm, which is 19 per cent lower than in 2019.

Changed 3 October 2023

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Sustainability House

We are now taking sustainability to a new level by constructing buildings from buildings in Haga Norra - welcome to Hållbarhetshuset (Sustainability House)!

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