Strategy for growth

What, why and how?

More than ever before, society, businesses and people need to be prepared to adjust and make changes to ingrained behaviour. With passion, responsiveness and drive, we have our sites set on the future. Through solutions to ever-changing needs, we take a holistic approach. The whole person, the whole company, the whole location. The whole time.

Business concept

We develop sustainable districts with a primary focus on commercial property in a number of well-located submarkets in the Stockholm region. Value is created via property management, property development, project development and transactions, and we want to be a proactive partner that, with people front and centre, enables companies, locations and our city to develop.

→ Our vision

The success factor for a new era.

We will be a proactive partner that puts people front and centre. Our innovative, responsible and flexible ethos creates the conditions for companies, locations and our city to develop.

→ Our mission

We turn vision into reality.

We help people and companies thrive and achieve their goals. We bring places to life. No dream is too big or too small for us.

→ Our strategy

We focus on selected submarkets in Greater Stockholm with good accessibility and excellent opportunities for growth.

We focus primarily on commercial property, but also take a holistic approach, including housing, services and life between the buildings. We are actively engaged in developing our property and completing transactions to continuously boost the potential of our property portfolio.

→ Our pledge

Via solutions in response to ever-changing needs, we take a holistic approach.

The whole person, the whole company, the whole location. The whole time.

→ Our way forward

As markets develop and evolve, we identify new business opportunities.

Our modern offices in attractive locations are designed to meet current and future changing needs and ways of working. Combined with the flexibility we offer, this gives us a strong market position.

We are continuing to develop the Stockholm region, in ways large and small, to help it become a more sustainable, low-carbon place.

We place a greater focus on safety and social sustainability as we take on the additional responsibility of residential development in our areas.

Our corporate culture

We have a robust corporate culture based on our core values, with a strong commitment and considerable pride.

Our core values, known internally as SPEAK, characterise our entire business. These values are Fast, Informal, Entrepreneurial, Business-minded and Customer-focused. Our core values prioritise inspiration over control, and put people first.

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Changed 4 May 2023

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