Sustainability and environmental policy

Fabege shall be a significant partner to our customers and society as a whole. Consideration for the environment shall be a natural and integral aspect of Fabege’s work with property management, project development and property transactions.

Fabege will be an important partner for its customers and for society as a whole. Consideration for the environment is a natural and fully integrated aspect of Fabege’s activities in Property Management, Project Development and Transactions. For us, this means developing long-term, sustainable districts in which our customers and their employees have the right conditions to develop and grow both as companies and as individuals, with minimal impact on the environment and climate.

In order to achieve this, Fabege will:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint and actively contribute to resource efficiency and a circular economy
  • Optimise our energy consumption and contribute to a more efficient use of energy and water
  • Ensure that all the energy used in our buildings continues to be derived from renewable sources - solar, wind and hydroelectric power
  • As an active partner, work towards making district heating and district cooling fossil-free
  • Provide opportunities for sorting waste for recycling and facilitate efficient, eco-friendly waste management
  • Strive to reduce the total volume of waste and endeavour to keep materials and products as high up the waste hierarchy as possible
  • Impose clear environmental and health and safety requirements for purchasing goods and services
  • Offer green leases
  • Replace hazardous chemicals with less damaging alternatives where possible
  • Reduce the environmental impact of transportation for both business travel and goods deliveries
  • Choose construction methods and building materials that take into account environmental concerns, in accordance with Fabege’s framework programme for office design
  • Continually investigate risks and plan for resilient, long-term solutions in our properties
  • Establish and protect ecosystem services for the preservation of biodiversity and natural water purification, for example
  • Prevent the occurrence and spread of contaminants
  • Improve environmental knowledge among our employees through training, and communicate information about environmental issues internally and externally
  • Regularly document, follow-up, evaluate and improve our environmental work
  • Environmentally certify all new production and significant redevelopments to the BREEAM-SE standard, and certify existing properties to the BREEAM In-Use standard
  • Comply with or exceed the relevant environmental legislation and other requirements that affect the business

Follow-up and implementation

Our sustainability strategy, adopted by the Board, extends until 2030, and guides the company towards sustainable development. The content is reviewed and revised annually by the Group Management via internal business processes. All employees who manage staff are responsible for ensuring that staff are familiar with the policy, and that it is complied with in their respective teams and departments. All employees have access to the policy via the intranet.

Overall sustainability targets:

  • Our property management will be carbon neutral by 2030, measured in CO2e/m²
  • By 2030, we will have cut emissions from new construction by half compared with 2019
  • Our financing will continue to be 100% sustainable and green
  • 100% of our framework agreement suppliers will be sustainability audited against Fabege’s Code of Conduct, policies and international conventions
  • We will continue to focus on social issues when developing our districts
  • We want to make a difference in the areas we develop and manage, and our focus is on children and young people, good education, meaningful leisure time, cultural experiences and pathways to the labour market
  • We will be ranked among Sweden’s top workplaces according to GPTW (Great Place To Work), with the aim of achieving a minimum rating of 85%

Solna, 4 October 2022
Stefan Dahlbo, CEO

Sustainability and environmental policy 

Changed 10 May 2023

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