Fabege’s share turns green

An application was made – and approved – for Fabege’s shares to receive the Nasdaq Green Equity Designation. The green share transparently discloses the company’s climate impact, with the aim being to ensure visible information for investors seeking sustainable investments. 

To meet Nasdaq’s criteria for its Green Equity Designation, at least 50 percent of turnover and 50 percent of investments must be considered to be green, and less than 5 percent of turnover must be linked to fossil fuels. At the time of application, a qualitative assessment of the company’s compliance with the Nasdaq Green Equity Principles is made by a Nasdaq-approved reviewer. Fabege was reviewed by S&P Global Shades of Green (formerly CICERO Shades of Green).

The results show that 70 percent of rental income, 62 percent of operating costs and 67 percent of investments at Fabege are classified as green and rated ‘excellent’ in terms of governance, structure and processes.

S&P’s assessment also includes an analysis of the compatibility of the company’s activities with the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities. The review shows that approximately 70 percent of rental income, 61 percent of operating costs and 27 percent of investments meet the technical criteria of the taxonomy (taxonomy alignment). The review found that Fabege’s activities meet the DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) criteria of the taxonomy apart from in project activities, where there is currently uncertainty about how some of the criteria should be interpreted.

“Fabege has long engaged in dedicated sustainability initiatives to reduce the industry’s climate footprint. The green share is further proof that we take our sustainability efforts very seriously. This makes it easier for investors to make informed and sustainable choices,” says Åsa Bergström, Vice President and CFO.

FabegeAB (publ)

29 Nov 2023 7:00 AM

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Åsa Bergström, Vice President and CFO, +46 (0) 8 555 148 29, asa.bergstrom@fabege.se

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