Three new activity parks to be constructed in Solna at initiative of Generation Pep

At the initiative of Generation Pep, Fabege is teaming up with the City of Solna to construct three activity parks – or ‘Pep Parks’ – in Huvudsta, Arenastaden and Haga Park. The purpose of the parks is to provide children, young people and adults with the conditions for play, movement and daily exercise together.

Parks in Huvudsta, Arenastaden and Haga Park

Generation Pep is a non-profit organisation initiated by the Swedish Crown Princess Couple, working to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and young people.The concept of Pep Parks emerged out of a desire to increase access to daily exercise and offer children, young people and adults the opportunity to engage in activity and movement together.

- “We all need to take collective responsibility as adult role models for giving our children and young people the opportunity to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle, and the pilot initiative in Solna will make three new activity parks possible, thanks to collaboration between the business community and the public sector,” said Gerda Nilsson Tjernström, Managing Director at Generation Pep.

A pilot initiative

The City of Solna is making land available for the parks in Huvudsta and Arenastaden and will be responsible for operation and maintenance of the completed Pep Parks. Fabege will have charge of the planning and construction of the parks. The Pep Parks in Solna are a pilot initiative aimed at developing a model for collaboration between a municipality and local businesses.

- The initiative from Generation Pep is consistent with the strategy developed by the City of Solna in 2017 to encourage daily exercise. “The activity parks will offer more children, young people and adults in Solna improved opportunities for play, movement and exercise,” said Pehr Granfalk, Mayor of the City of Solna.

Activity for all ages

A Pep Park contains play equipment adapted for all ages and physical abilities, and encourages both spontaneous as well as planned activity while developing mobility, coordination and other motor skills. The parks also include gym equipment for adults.

- “Our collaboration as an urban developer with Generation Pep and the City of Solna to help boost opportunities for movement and exercise in our local environmentis an important and exciting partnership. Gen Pep’s concept of combining adult gym equipment with play equipment for children is an intelligent way of encouraging a healthy lifestyle, both for our customers and for those who live in the area, so it feels completely natural for us to be on board making sure the parks are created,” commented Christian Hermelin, CEO of Fabege.

First park scheduled to open in one year

The first Pep Park will be built in Huvudsta, with construction scheduled to begin in autumn 2018. The park has a provisional opening date of spring 2019.

Fabege AB (publ)

19 Jun 2018 9:00 AM

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