100% green electricity

We’re now going ahead with 100% green electricity. Fabege is now replacing all its service vehicles with new electric vehicles that will be charged solely with green electricity.

The new vehicles will further reduce Fabege’s carbon emissions from around 6,500 kg per year to approximately 141 kg per year, that is, 1.3 times round the earth by car.

“For us, it was obvious that the new service vehicle fleet should only consist of electric vehicles. They’re quieter and also contribute to better air on our streets. All measures that can reduce carbon emissions are crucial to creating a sustainable district. Other initiatives we’ve been looking at include how to reduce transport in our areas,” says Mia Häggström, Head of Sustainability at Fabege.

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Cleaner, more pleasant street environments with more efficient transport

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Plan for repurposing quality materials

Fabege is now taking part in a research project that aims to increase the repurposing of materials that are in very good condition. 

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