Unique indoor mural

Tony Sjöman is the artist who grew up in Gothenburg and who has become known for his abstract, geometric murals, especially in New York where he has lived for 13 years and has his studio.

At Fabege's new head office in Arenastaden, Tony has in the autumn of 2021 painted a unique indoor work of art that we are incredibly happy about.

The artwork is unique in several ways. It is the largest indoor painting that Tony Sjöman has done so far and it extends over all 8 floors of the property, which gives everyone who works in the house their own angle on the artwork. Tony says he wants to convey a calm in the everyday stress with his artwork. The mural is accompanied by a large roof mobile in the middle of the atrium hanging from the ceiling, and it is the first mobile Sjöman has created. The figures in the mobile can also be found in the mural painting and they thus create a cool 3D effect.

Bild 1

Bild 2

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Tony "Rubin" Sjöman 

The artist Tony “Rubin” Sjöman has painted all over the world and his work has been shown in galleries throughout the US and Europe. Sjöman’s roots are in Finland and Sweden and he draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heritage for his complex abstract geometrical murals and studio works.

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Published 22 October 2021