Supply chain

Our suppliers are our partners. They help us achieve our set sustainability targets. A sustainable supply chain is essential for creating long-term profitability, reducing our risks and boosting our brand. The aim is to conduct sustainability audits on all our contracted partners.

Partnerships help achieve sustainability goals

Supply chain

Material topics
  • Review of supplier sustainability, including environment and human rights.
Examples of objectives and activities
  • 100% framework agreement suppliers to be sustainability audited.
  • Create an industry-wide system for ongoing monitoring of Code of Conduct.
  • Counteracting negative impacts on human rights and the environment.

GRI Standards

  • GRI 414: Supplier social assessment
  • GRI 308: Supplier environmental assessment

Impact in the value chain

  • Sets requirements for suppliers and subcontractors in relation to the environment, health and safety and human rights.

What we want to achieve

  • 100% of our suppliers with framework agreements will be audited on the basis of our Supplier Code of Conduct, policies and international conventions.

What we do

Introduced a new system to screen framework agreement suppliers from a sustainability perspective in order to:

  • ensure labour law is complied with in areas such as salaries, overtime and working conditions,
  • combat inadequate business ethics and corruption,
  • prevent child labour and forced labour,
  • guarantee fire safety and work environment,
  • combat negative impact on environment in local community resulting from emissions of hazardous substances to water, air and/or soil,
  • ensure impeccable business ethics and compliance with Code of Conduct,
  • achieve energy efficiency, resource management and good material choices in terms of chemical content, environmental impact and carbon footprint,
  • adhere to health and environmental certification systems and
  • report on greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Sustainability and environmental policy
  • Procurement and purchasing policy
  • Code of Conduct for suppliers
  • Other procedures


  • Ongoing quality measurement and framework agreement suppliers audited for sustainability.
  • Policies are evaluated annually and set by the Group Management Team.
Changed 22 June 2023

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New initiative from property owners ensures a more sustainable supply chain

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Criteria and inspections of suppliers

When a supplier apply for cooperation with us, we assess the company according to a number of different criteria. We review existing suppliers on an ongoing basis.

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