City districts

We both want and are able to be a driving force in the development of a sustainable city. In districts where we own a significant number of properties, we take responsibility for the whole picture, from acquisitions and local development plans, to measures to boost the appeal of the physical environment and social initiatives. For us, sustainable urban development is about the whole person, the whole company, the whole location. The whole time.

Urban development with the whole person front and centre

City districts

Material topics
  • Energy system
  • Living conditions in the local community
  • Equality
  • Education
  • Meaningful leisure time
  • Safety
Examples of objectives and activities
  • Sustainability programme for each district project.
  • Focus on social sustainability as we develop the physical environment for life in our city districts.
  • Organised site collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • 100% renewable energy purchased.

Our city districts

We have a presence in a limited number of districts which connects Stockholm from Arenastaden in the north to Flemingsberg in the south.

In all our city districts, we are involved in the whole development process, from planning, via projects to property management. We impose ambitious energy and climate targets right from the start, and as a major property owner, we have both an obligation and an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint at all stages, including indirect carbon emissions in project development and travel to and from our properties. All our city districts are, and will become, important hubs, particularly for rail transport.

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GRI Standards

  • GRI 302: Energy
  • GRI 305: Emissions
  • Fabege-1: Collaborative initiative
  • Fabege-2: Security measures

Impact in the value chain

  • Actual impact on the city’s physical and social spaces.
  • Environmental, climate and human impacts of urban development and various collaborative initiatives.

What we want to achieve

  • Contribute towards keeping global warming under 1.5 degrees.
  • Continue to focus on environment, climate and social sustainability as we develop the physical environment for life in our neighbourhoods.
  • Make a difference in the neighbourhoods where we operate, and our focus will be on children and young people, good education, meaningful leisure time, cultural experiences and finding a route into the labour market.

What we do

  • Via planning process, property management and development we aim to achieve sustainable property and urban development.
  • We get involved in learning and participation within sustainable urban development.
  • We create experience-based, equitable and vibrant neighbourhoods with a mix of offices, residential units, services, culture and recreation in accordance with Citylab Action.
  • We develop low-carbon energy system solutions for sustainable city districts.
  • We create the conditions for a safe and secure living environment through site development, lighting projects, care/maintenance and a 24-hour presence. With good security, we create the conditions for people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability, to want to work, live and stay in our areas around the clock.
  • We run collaborative initiatives with schools and local sports activities, including the Läxhjälp homework club and H.A.N.G.
  • We collaborate with property owners, businesses, municipalities and the police to gather knowledge and increase participation and safety.
  • We contributed SEK 180m to finance expansion of the underground rail service to Arenastaden.


  • Sustainability and environmental policy
  • Sustainability targets
  • Code of Conduct
  • Procurement and purchasing policy
  • Safety policy
  • Other procedures


  • Monitoring resource use and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Collaborative forums in our neighbourhoods – monitoring local communities.
  • Policies are evaluated annually and set by the Group Management Team.
Changed 3 October 2023

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Climate issues

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Social sustainability and cooperation

Building urban districts is not a job for lone wolves. Many different skills are required along with enthusiasts who ensure that visions become reality.

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Energy efficiency enhancements

We’ve worked systematically with energy issues for over 20 years and have achieved very good results. Our ambition is to be the industry leader in energy efficiency.

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Our city districts

By owning a large proportion of properties within well-defined areas, we have the opportunity to take greater responsibility for the district as a whole.

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