HR work at Fabege is long term and goal oriented. The HR manager, who reports to the Executive Management Team, is responsible for the overall strategic HR work and for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in the area of labour law and collective bargaining agreements.

The starting point for the HR work is Fabege’s policy documents in the HR field and the company’s Code of Conduct. It is carried out quarterly and annually based on established targets.

Motivated employees - our most important asset


Material topics
  • Good health and safety.
  • Diversity and gender equality.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions.
Examples of objectives and activities
  • Low sickness absence.
  • Satisfied employees with a long-term goal of achieving a confidence rating of >90%.
  • Offer of an individual health coach to all employees.
  • Education within work environment for managers and employees.

GRI Standards

  • GRI 403: Occupational health and safety
  • GRI 405: Diversity and equal opportunity
  • GRI 406: Non-discrimination

Impact in the value chain

  • Direct impact on employees’ working environment.
  • Impact on gender equality, diversity and human rights in recruitment and values work.

What we want to achieve

  • Employees believe that as an employer, Fabege facilitates a good work-life balance.
  • We will be ranked on the list of Sweden’s best workplaces and achieve a rating of at least 90 per cent in Great Place To Work.

What we do

  • Skills development that improves employees’ conditions within the company while strengthening their position in the wider labour market.
  • Ensuring equal rights for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, age and other factors.
  • Combating discrimination, for example, through salary surveys and collaboration with employees via the health and safety committee.
  • We get involved in learning and participation within sustainable urban development.
  • Organising conferences focusing on our values (SPEAK).
  • Health and fitness programmes.


  • Sustainability and environmental policy
  • Work environment policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Equality Policy
  • Policy on diversity in the Board of Directors
  • GDPR policy


  • Annual employee survey, GPTW.
  • Monitoring of diversity and gender equality, health and safety through annual survey, salary reviews, health and safety committee etc.
  • Policies are evaluated annually and set by the Group Management Team.
Changed 22 June 2023

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We have built Fabege with a strong team spirit, and that’s how we intend to continue. Join us!

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Our core values

SPEAK characterise our entire business. These values are Fast, Informal, Entrepreneurial, Business-minded and Customer-focused.

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