Have a look inside Telia Company’s activity-based offices

This is what it looks like in Telia Company’s new building, where the focus for the interior decor was on collaboration, inspiration and energy. This is the result.

Architects Tengbom were commissioned to design the interior of the new Telia building, and the brief was to focus on creating a space to promote collaboration, inspiration and energy. The project’s main themes were the design concept, combined with Telia’s key words ‘Dare’, ‘Care’ and ‘Simplify’ – and a heavy focus on sustainability. And on top of that, the services of a set designer and lighting designer were also engaged.

All decor is function-based

The decor is inspired by the environments in which customers encounter Telia and their products: the home, nature, at work, etc.

All materials and functions were chosen to suit an activity-based approach. For example, there are quiet rooms for individual work, meeting and project rooms of various sizes, seating for brief work sessions, sofa areas and standing desks.

“All zones contain all types of workspace and you have your own cupboard for your things, but most people end up sitting at a different desk every day,” says Tommy Nordström, Workplace Development Director at Telia Company.

‘Cool and cosy’

From being scattered across various outdated buildings in Farsta, it feels like the employees have now ‘rediscovered’ one another and more spontaneous meetings are happening. It’s easier to bounce ideas off one another and there’s an outlet for creativity when the premises are adapted for this. The technical equipment works. The aim is for the furnishings to accentuate the ‘cool and cosy’ feel.

“We’re working on improving the approach, but we’re extremely proud of the fact that we’re already making use of all the different types of spaces now available,” adds Nordström.

Created: 30 March 2017

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