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Siemens has moved to Arenastaden, and a new chapter is being written in the technology giant’s history. In this article, they talk about their choice of area as an investment for the future.

On 6 November, 650 Siemens employees went to work at a new address. The five Stockholm companies have now moved in together in their new building on Dalvägen/Evenemangsgatan. Their neighbours are clothing company H&M and care provider Ambea.

“We chose Arenastaden for two reasons,” says Tina Karlberg, project manager at Siemens. “Partly to be better positioned in terms of public transport, and partly to have functional premises with high environmental performance in an attractive area. The move is also an investment in offering as attractive a workplace as possible for future recruits.

Tina Karlberg hopes that the merger of the various Siemens companies will provide a “creativity boost” in house now that all employees are sitting closer to each other.

“We’ll be using a version of the activity-based work approach,” she says.

“There will be organisational ‘homes’ along with unbookable environments – that is, the same concept as at other Siemens offices around the world.”

The building facilities include service, cleaning as required, fridges containing food for the office staff and floor hosts who make sure that tenants have everything they need. On the ground floor are a bicycle garage and changing rooms.

“I think the biggest ‘wow’ will be derived from merging the offices, though,” says Tina Karlberg. “It’s easier to work together now that everyone’s sitting in the same place.” 

Created: 29 December 2017

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