One click – major improvements

How have we been doing? Give us your views and help our improvement efforts by providing feedback on your fault report.

Are you very satisfied, satisfied or dissatisfied? When you have submitted a fault report, Fabege asks you to rate how your case was handled by selecting one of three symbols: very satisfied, satisfied or dissatisfied.

Giving feedback on your fault report takes just a second, and we love receiving opinions that give us the opportunity to actively work on improvements. By clicking on the symbol that best describes your experience, you help us in this area.

“It’s incredibly important for us to receive feedback on how we’re doing where faults are concerned. Our aim is that 100 percent of reporters should be satisfied with the measures taken to remedy faults, and we are currently at 95 percent. If we haven’t done a good job, it’s crucial for us to know that. We’ve opted for the simplest method: pressing the red smiley if you’re dissatisfied. It’s a fast method that provides us with key information on how we’re doing in this area,” says Anders Borggren, director of technical operations at Fabege.

When a tenant reports dissatisfaction with how fault rectification is handled, a new case is automatically created from the report.

“We then follow up the case to find out what hasn’t worked and what we can do to solve the problem. It’s important for us to pick up on all the questions and opinions our tenants have and to get feedback on how we’re handling them. Using the feedback function is a small thing for the customer but is of enormous value to us,” says Anders Borggren.

As a result of the views received, several changes have been made to how fault reports are processed. So set aside a few seconds to give feedback on your fault report and help ensure that we can manage cases better.

Created: 07 November 2018

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