Locally produced energy in Haga Norra!

We will be producing our own heating and cooling in the vibrant new Haga Norra district. Bilia is first out, with 43 wells for geothermal energy at a depth of 330 metres. On completion in 2027, about 160 geo pipes will supply climate-smart energy to all offices, homes and retail premises in the district.

Geothermal energy enables us to harness the thermal energy stored in the ground to produce heating and cooling in a locally sourced, sustainable and energy efficient way.

“Here at Fabege we believe it’s important to always consider the environment and our footprint every step of the way when creating new buildings and districts. It feels great knowing that we’ll be able to supply the entire Haga Norra district with geothermal energy, without impacting on the climate,” comments Mia Häggström, Head of Sustainability at Fabege.

Early illustration

Haga Norra – an attractive and sustainable district

By the time Haga Norra is completed in 2027, it will be an attractive, sustainable district with several parks, properties equipped with solar panels and stonecrop roofs, and car and bicycle pools for those living or working in the area. The district will be designed for maximum comfort and wellbeing, with a focus on people and life outside the buildings. Haga Norra also boasts a fantastic location in terms of travel links.

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