Fabege Street Gallery

Street Gallery is a street-based art exhibition in Solna Business Park. The district is undergoing numerous changes, both large and small. Surprising and unexpected aspects of everyday life that encourage vitality in the spaces between buildings, wellbeing and a sense of security. First up at Street Gallery is the ‘Babyfather’ exhibition, curated by Ilja Karilampi/@trekronorculture.

The exhibition contains contemporary works by Ben Schumacher, Gunéll Kulieva, Ilja Karilampi, Martin Kozlowski, Hanna Zelleke Collin, Axel Wannberg, Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charles Teyssou and Hans Andersson.

Ben Schumacher

Ben Schumacher’s (born in 1985 in Kitchener, Canada) humorous and very tactile sculptural and painterly output runs the gamut from twisted Cologne rock bar hangouts to Manhattan industrial manufacturing. At Street Gallery he will be installing a site-specific canvas hanging from the ceiling; an unofficial Stockholm debut. His previous notable shows include ‘Anatomie des Fachfests’ Weiss Falk, Basel (2019), ‘The Testing Place’ Croy Nielsen, Vienna (2017), ‘Rebirth of the Bath House’ Musée d‘art contemporain de Lyon (2014) and ‘Short Stories’ Sculpture Center, New York (2011).

Gunéll Kulieva

Gunéll Kulieva (born in 1988, in Baku, Azerbaijan) works primarily with different camera-based techniques, installations and performances. Creating possibilities for interactions around and with different objects in her installations is also an integral aspect of Kulieva’s practice. Her source material comes from reflections on trends in the contemporary society, conversations and interactions with people and objects. Gunéll also runs the Nomad exhibition space in Gothenburg together with Pontus Westerberg. Previous shows include Yaki-Da, Gothenburg, (2018), Röda Sten, Gothenburg (2016) and Gallery 54, Gothenburg (2016).

Ilja Karilampi

For the ‘Non-space’ exhibition in Lima, Peru, curated by Silvana Lagos, Ilja Karilampi (born 1983 in Gothenburg) created a series of reflective vinyl covered glass works, which reflected his time on the street Avenida Mexico. Essentially a storyteller, his output over the years has been like an odyssey: reflecting his aesthetic interests in glamorous social realism and exploring the role of the producer. He is curating our debut exhibition ‘Babyfather’ at Street Gallery. Past and future shows include ‘Narcotics’ Temnikova & Kasela, Tallinn (2020), ‘Malmö Sessions’ Carl Kostyal, Malmö (2019), ‘Westafrican Roadmovie’ Erik Nordenhake, Stockholm (2018), ‘ARS 17’ Kiasma, Helsinki (2017) and ‘The Chief Architect of Gangsta Rap’ MoMA PS1, New York (2011).

Martin Kozlowski

Martin Kozlowski’s (born in 1984 in Stockholm) work emphases what digital developments can add to painting. Kozlowski’s work illustrates the transitional states between digital and analogue painting and explores the possibilities that the digital form offers. Layers are built with large sweeping movements of spray and acrylic paint on canvas. This choice of material allows Kozlowski to register speed and distance while highlighting the relationship between depth and the flattened image. Previous shows have been at Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf, Frankfurt (2018), Studio Picknick, Berlin (2018) and Anna Bohman Gallery, Stockholm (2017).

Hanna Zelleke Collin

Hanna Zelleke Collin’s (born 1987, Stockholm) abstract paintings could be seen as a reflection of her ongoing interest in algebra. The conceptual aspect of philosophy is similar to that of painting. French philosopher Jilles Deleuze suggests that philosophy in our present time is the art of forming, inventing and fabricating concepts, but instead of concepts we are fabricating paintings. At Street Gallery a single blue picture, hung in the Tiffany’s-like white space, echoes the idea of a masterpiece, however dramatically subtle.

Axel Wannberg

Axel Wannberg (born 1985, Stockholm) is a designer and cabinetmaker with a degree from Carl Malmsten in Stockholm. In his commercial and artistic practice, he has been exploring surfaces and carpentry in large-scale formats, such as the Selfridges boutique for Swedish fashion brand Eytys, among other functional design work. His newly commissioned artwork on display aims to explore the perfect minimal shape and structure; reminiscent of Walter de Marias’ quest for a new language.

Pierre-Alexandre Mateos & Charles Teyssou

Pierre-Alexandre Mateos (born 1989, Toulouse) and Charles Teyssou (born 1988, Paris) are two independent curators and writers based in Paris. They were recently active with an exploratory exhibition at Stockholm ArkDes as part of the Cruising Pavillion collective. They are regular contributors to several magazines. At Street Gallery they are displaying an ongoing collaboration with The Opioid Crisis Lookbook; a mysterious online ‘magazine’ investigating the opioid crisis in the USA and internationally. Acting as the ghost-writer of the crisis, it explores this phenomenon through mainstream culture, absurd anti-drug slogans and pharmaceutical advertising with deadpan humour and harsh social realism.

Hans Andersson

Hans Andersson (born 1979, Mörbylånga) works with abstract images and sculptural objects produced from found materials. His work is a continuous questioning of the materials, their heritage and their internal and external qualities and tension. As well as spending extensive time on his pictures and collages, his involvement in skateboarding culture and electronic music adds an interesting layer to his somewhat timeless work. Previous shows: ‘Non-space’ Revolver Galería, Lima, Peru (2020), Galerie Forsblom Stockholm (2018) and ‘Museum of Cosmic Consciousness’ Fenberger House, Mochizuki, Japan (2018).

Created: 20 February 2020

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