The Street Gallery in Solna Business Park showcases art that challenges, surprises and offers new perspectives. In the latest exhibition, Launch of Re, which recently opened, artist Karen Froede uses various art forms, and a scientific study, to draw attention to our dependence on plastic.

Karen will also create new artworks from recycled plastics, contributed by visitors themselves, to show whether art can help us find a new and more sustainable way forward.

Read more about Launch of Re and find out about Amanuelabiy Abraham’s exhibition, which is part of the Launch of RE: Phase 1.

Become a plastic donor

Contribute to the artworks by dropping by with this week’s plastic recycling and we’ll treat you to a cup of coffee☕️.

Every Wednesday, from 4 May onwards, the RE:STORE will be open for people to drop off plastics, and have a coffee, between 4pm and 6.30pm. All plastic donors will be offered coffee and cake.

All plastic donors are also welcome to attend LAUNCH OF RE’s Vernissage party on Saturday 22 October.

How do plastic donors contribute?

Plastic donors can contribute to a better understanding of plastic use by:

  1. Collecting all the plastic that themselves and their family members use over a three-month period.
  2. Leaving the plastic at the RE:STORE, at Smidesvägen 7 in Solna Business Park. This is open every Wednesday from 4pm to 6.30pm.
  3. Agreeing to answer some questions on two occasions: once at the start of the collection process and once at the end.

Contact: Karen Froede, 0735-454530.

We wish you a warm welcome to Svetsargatan and Smidesvägen, where you can take part in this evolving exhibition at Street Gallery.

This ends on 14 November.

Read more about the exhibition

Created: 28 June 2022

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