Offer of commission-free trading up to one trading unit

At the 2004 Annual General Meeting of Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB the shareholders decided to offer shareholders with less than 100 shares (one trading unit) to, free of commission, either complement their shareholding up to one trading unit or sell all shares. The offering period is 25 November – 8 December 2004. Those concerned will receive a letter detailing the offer, which will be implemented with the assistance of FöreningsSparbanken AB/Swedbank Markets. ”Our primary objective is to increase the number of shareholders with a whole trading unit of 100 shares, which will improve the liquidity of the shares”, Erik Paulsson, the CEO of Wihlborgs Fastigheter comments. Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB (publ) For further information: Erik Paulsson, President and CEO, Tel.: +46 (0)8-555 148 18, +46 (0)733-87 18 18 Olle Knaust, Vice President and CFO, Tel.: +46 (0)8-555 148 10, +46 (0)733-87 18 10 Mats Berg, communications manager, Tel.: +46 (0)8-555 148 20, +46 (0)733-87 18 20

22 Nov 2004 2:01 PM

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